• About Us
  • CREW Dallas is a non-profit organization of commercial real estate professionals affiliated nationally through membership in CREW Network, providing opportunities for networking, education, leadership development and civic/philanthropic involvement.

    From a small group of 12 "real estate girls" in 1980 to more than 350 influential commercial real estate professionals today, members of CREW Dallas are serious about the real estate business. Respected by industry leaders around the country, this powerful networking force works together to exchange information, expand knowledge, develop business contacts and help each other succeed personally and professionally.

    CREW is focused on advancing the success of women in commercial real estate and does so by looking outward to bring more women into the industry, showcasing member expertise and successes and serving as a resource to its members and the industry. The multi-disciplinary membership assists in all phases of commercial real estate transactions.

  • CREW Dallas Life Members

    Diane Butler
    Trisha Ewert
    Beth Lambert-Saul
    Irene Hosford
    Eliza Solender
    Cynthia Branch
    Martha Carlson
    Suzan Cooper
    Julie Bayliss Hogan
    Myrna Nichols
    Rosanna Stanley
    Kathy Price Wilke
    Karen Wilson

  • CREW Dallas Past Presidents

    2014 Michelle Hudson
    2013 Elissa Plotsky
    2012 Rebecca Tudor
    2011  Vicky Gunning
    2010  Jill Warren
    2009  Marti Nemer
    2008  Leigh Richter
    2007  Julie Young
    2006  Diane Butler
    2005  Kathy Mulgrew
    2004  Marilyn Acheson
    2003  Lorraine Teel
    2002  Brenda Richardson
    2001  Beth Lambert-Saul
    2000  Jody Muse
    1999  Sharon Herrin
    1998  Trisha Ewert
    1997  Pam Wilkerson
    1996  Pat Stanton
    1995  Eliza Solender
    1994  Irene Hosford
    1993  Elizabeth Trocchio
    1992  Sarah Johnson
    1991  Susan Gwin
    1990  Deborah Atkins
    1989  Julie Bayliss Hogan
    1988  Suzan Cooper
    1987  Judy Taylor
    1986  Karen Wilson
    1985  Myrna Nichols
    1984  Marty Swenholt
    1983  Rosanna Stanley
    1982  Janie Davis Wright
    1981  Kathy Price Wilke

  • CREW Dallas Awards

      Outstanding Achievement   Outstanding New Member   Career Advancement
    for Women
    Individual Category
      Career Advancement
    for Women
    Company Category
      Most Valuable Player Award
    2015 Kennis Ketchum                
    2014 Leigh Richter   Lynn Davis   Trisha Ewert   Twinrose Investments & Andrews Kurth   Kari Walker-Higgins
    2013 Vicky Gunning   Phyllis Kramer   Julie Brand Lynch    Locke Lord    Paula Nelson,
    Most Valuable Team Award: Convention Leadership Team:
    Carol Ansell, Sharon Herrin, Coni Hennersdorf, Tiffini Miller,
    Kathy Mulgrew, Beth Lambert Saul, MaryBeth Shapiro 
    2012 Laurie Tice Biddle   Amy Stanfield   Michele Wheeler    Jackson Shaw & Jones Day    Kaye McCallum 
    2011 Diane Paddison   Karen Hart   Tanya Little    Hudson Peters Commercial    Brenda Blake 
    2010 Ka Cotter   Summer Gory            
    2009     Suzanne Brasuell            
    2008 Marilyn Acheson   Stephanie Urano            
    2007 Lorrainie Teel   Regina Bruce            
    2006 Michele Wheeler   Stefanie Fincher            
    2005 Katie Berg   Melinda Alford            
    2004 Eugenia Canakes Robbins   Melinda Ashcraft            
    2003 Beth Lambert-Saul   Jill Warren            
    2002 Diane Butler   Karin Zaner            
    2001 Sharon Herrin   Julie Echols            
    2000 Pat Stanton   Denise Fansler            
    1999 Trisha Ewert   Neva Patty            
    1998 Karla Peterson   Caroline Blackwell            
    1997 Eliza Solender   Leslie Billings            
    1996 Elizabeth Trocchio   Kathy Mulgrew            
    1995 Norma Lea Beasley   Jessie Williams            
    1994 Irene Hosford   Brenda Richardson            
    1993 Kim Butler   Patti Lucas            
    1992 Debbie MacDonald   Joan Sewell            
    1991 Deborah Atkins   Patty Adams            
    1990 Talynn Otsuki   Monica Green            
    1989 Suzanne Holland   Anita Dabney            
    1988 Susan Gwin   Karen Toombs            
    1987 Kathy Price Wilke   Debbie MacDonald            
    1986 Judy Taylor                
    1985 Frances Cowden                
    1984 Myrna Nichols